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Author of Strength for the Journey: A Guide to Spiritual Practice

Discursive Meditation

Photography by Diane WalkerDiscursive meditation involves digging, speaking, and listening. When we engage in discursive meditation we gnaw on a scriptural principle or spiritual truth like a dog with a meaty bone. We look at it from different angles, consider how it might be practiced in different situations, attempt to penetrate its nuances in order to develop new patterns of behavior that will bring us closer into the embrace of heaven. To begin, choose a scripture passage or story for the time of meditation and offer a short prayer of intention. Read the passage and reflect on it in a logical and systematic way by asking questions such as these: Who is involved here? What is actually happening? What has created the circumstances in this passage? Why do people respond as they do? What other responses are possible? How do I experience God? When do I miss the presence of God or turn from it? Where do I fit in? How can I respond to this in my own life?

—From Strength for the Journey: A Guide to Spiritual Practice
Written and read by Renée Miller
Photography by Diane Walker

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